"The traditional idea of career success is outdated...you don't have to win an orchestra audition or tenure-track teaching job to 'make it' (although those are great jobs to have if that's your jam). I created Aspire Career Coaching for those musicians seeking to build careers forged in purpose and sustained through savvy business skills. You'll connect the best aspects of your personality with an entrepreneurial eye to carve your unique niche in the creative industry." - Dawson White

Your Career Coach

Violist & Founder, Aspire Music Dawson White

Performer, educator, and career coach, Dawson White is committed to transforming musicians positively. He plays full time with the Houston Grand Opera & Ballet orchestras and teaches at the University of St. Thomas. Teaching specialities include development of authentic viola sound, conservatory-minded technique, orchestral audition training, repertoire building, performance mindset, mentorship and career coaching. Dawson earned degrees from Rice University, Baylor University, and is completing his DMA in Viola Performance and Music Entrepreneurship from the University of North Texas.

Creative Business Mindset

Tools to discover what makes your artistry unique and how to instigate positive action. The mindset consists of 5 elements that dig deep both musically and personally: we target areas lacking clarity, fully develop each element, discover how each element intersects in meaningful ways, and formulate an action plan based on your career goals.

  • Musical Skills

  • Extra-Musical Skills

  • Opportunities

  • Personality

  • Purpose

Skills & Certifications

  • Experience forming arts and education organizations: Axiom String Quartet, Houston Viola Society, Cypress Symphony, and Aspire Music

  • Entrepreneurship Presentations at Rice University, Baylor University, and Artist Empowered. Musicians Entrepreneurship course at the University of St. Thomas

  • Certifications: Marketing Foundations, Writing a Marketing Plan, Social Media Promotion For Musicians, Artists, and Engineers, Introduction to Content Marketing, Marketing Foundations: The Marketing Funnel, Pricing Strategy: Value-Based Pricing, Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • Doctor of Musical Arts in Viola Performance with Related Field in Music Business and Entrepreneurship, University of North Texas

What Does the Program Offer?

  • Career Coaching Sessions

    One-on-One strategy sessions. We will target specific career goals, utilize the Creative Business Mindset to identify weak areas, and instigate next steps for career growth.

  • Live Events

    Seminars, Group Classes, and Guest Workshops covering various entrepreneurial topics based on the needs of the current cohort in the program. Live events will happen over zoom.

  • Resources

    Self-guided online courses focus on specific entrepreneurial topics with new course launches regularly. Topics to include: Creative Business Mindset, Finances, Networking, Burnout, and more.

Career Coaching Membership

Aspiring musicians need support, and no timeline works for everyone. Aspire Career Coaching is organized on a membership basis with various levels to choose from. Career Coaching membership includes one-on-one sessions, live events and all career coaching online courses.

  • $295.00 / month

    Career Coaching Membership

  • $100.00 / month

    CC Lite Membership


Join the Community

We are a community of aspiring music entrepreneurs, whether you are a soloist, own a private studio, or lead large non-profit organizations, join the Aspire community to receive helpful entrepreneurial resources.

Thank You

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"Aspire Career Coaching embraces musicians of all levels, races, religions, sexualities, gender identity/expressions, and ages. We celebrate each other’s differences and actively develop empathy to understand one another." Core values: Empathy. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Anti-Racism. Respect. Excellence.

Aspire Career Coaching is founded on the principle that every learner is worthy of empathy, respect, and access to high-level instruction. Clients with financial challenges, currency exchange limitations, technology barriers, or any other issues will be offered ways to participate in ACC programming. Please contact Dawson White for more details.


  • Where do I start?

    Set up a chat session by clicking "Book a Session". In the session, we will discuss your goals and what parts of Aspire Music may benefit you most.

  • What is a membership?

    A membership includes live one-one-one sessions (lessons or career coaching), resources, and WhatsApp support. Memberships are charged automatically each month on the day you signed up.

  • How do I pay?

    Click on the course or bundle (Viola Lessons, Career Coaching), then input your credit card information.

  • How do I schedule future sessions?

    Recurring schedule will be discussed in your first session.

  • How do I reschedule a session?

    Contact Dawson White to reschedule on WhatsApp or by email.