What Makes You Unique?

It's the first question in the seminar, and a pretty staggering one to digest. How can you distinguish yourself from all the other qualified musicians out there? 

- We take stock of what we already have: powerful musical skills and interests outside of music

- We exercise the 'entrepreneurial muscle', identifying solutions to problems (small and big)

- We learn different parts of our personality that help (or hinder) our career growth

- We drop anchor by writing stories of our musical past. These stories help uncover our values and formulate language around purpose

These ideas cumulatively makeup the Creative Business Mindset, a blueprint to develop our careers with more intention. 


Violist & Founder, Aspire Music Dawson White

Performer, educator, and career coach, Dawson White is committed to transforming musicians positively. He plays full time with the Houston Grand Opera & Ballet orchestras and teaches at the University of St. Thomas. Teaching specialities include development of authentic viola sound, conservatory-minded technique, orchestral audition training, repertoire building, performance mindset, mentorship and career coaching. Dawson earned degrees from Rice University, Baylor University, and is completing his DMA in Viola Performance and Music Entrepreneurship from the University of North Texas.

Course curriculum

    1. Seminar: Creative Business Mindset

    1. CBM Keynote

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content